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Yahia Aboushadi

Web Designer & Developer

I have over 8 years of experience in web design and over 10,000 hours of sifting through WordPress, HTML and CSS code to deliver quality websites that carry my name.

I started off by teaching myself how to build websites as a way to help out friends and people in my community. I kept learning and got better at it until it became a way of paying for my school and living expenses. I am proud that through hard work I have achieved various positions involving web design and project management at SABA SEO that produced quality work for such companies as Home Care Assistance, Roomfinds, and Vagabond.

From my past professional experience in Internet marketing and web design, I learned to have a CAN DO attitude, with the motivation to research, learn and problem solve new and changing challenges. I have learned to utilize my strengths in project management and communication to prioritize my efforts into resolving all client requests. This, coupled with my strong attention to detail, precision and the ability to work under pressure to fulfill and exceed production requirements in a timely manner has helped me gain confidence in all aspects of web development.


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Expert in Graphic Design using the Adobe Suite


Develop MySQL databases to use for CMS


Proficient in HTML5 and CSS3 website development

WordPress CMS

Advanced WordPress Administrator and Designer

Joomla CMS

Advanced Joomla Administrator and Designer

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Alliant International University - MGSM

Webmaster and Assistant to System-Wide IT Project Manager

In my position as webmaster, I collaborated with the Dean and Marketing Director to promote effective use of industry standards to streamline website processes and improve internal controls to ensure smooth work flow and efficient organization operations.

In this position I also maintained support and development of the school’s search engine functionality while defining and recommending alternate website processes to satisfy core website objectives.

To ensure a user friendly environment, I served as advocate for end-users, performing tests and problem analysis for the University's website.

2013 - 2014



Lead Web Developer and Project Manager

As lead web developer, I worked in a team environment with the founder, content writer and project managers to serve client requests for web design and search engine optimization needs.

As part of maintaining an edge in the SEO industry, I took on the role of researching current and future Google SEO regulations and standards. This is to ensure optimum website ranking in search engines for our company and for all our client websites.



DESPRODEV (Design | Programming | Development)

Founder, Designer and Developer

As founder and web developer, I've had the privilege of working with more than 45 local and international non-profit and for-profit organizations to design and program their websites, provide hosting services , as well as take on all IT system administration tasks.

In this role, I've been able to develope, define, document, communicate, and provide training on technical processes such as managing websites through content management systems (Wordpress, Joomla) and software installations.

In addition, I've created and executed project work plans and revisions as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.



Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Report Processing Printer Technican

From my IT background and my new found knowledge in GIA I have been able to utilize my strengths in attention to detail to maintain all the report processing printers to ensure their successful operation with our propriatary paper. I've learned to problem solve on the spot to lead my team in Report Processing by developing a series of systems to troubleshoot, fix, clean and log what solutions proved successful, and what was not as effective. Through thorough research and communication with outside vendors and meetings with advanced tech support, I have been able to successfully extend the printers' hardware from 10,000 reports printed to over 38,000. I have collectively documented all the necessary data that lead to our success and sent it to upper-management and other GIA branches to implement and replicate our achievements here in Carlsbad.

To ensure our continual success, I have created and maintained spreadsheets for printer components to keep track of our inventory and measure the frequency of changing materials to report to supervisors. In addition, I was in charge of testing a new set of HP printers to measure its compatibility with our proprietary paper. This is an essential step to discover better ways to save money and streamline the process of printing reports that represent GIA's reputation.

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